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the basics

vanilla circle.png
chocolate (closeup).png
coffee circle.png

a lovely vanilla cake with a white chocolate glaze

a rich chocolate cake with a dark chocolate glaze

a chocolate-coffee cake with a dark chocolate glaze


rose cardamom 2.png

a delightful pink cake infused with real rose petals, dipped in a fragrant cardamom white chocolate glaze

lemon mint.png

a zesty lemon cake with flakes of dried mint, dipped in a white chocolate glaze

rosemary pineapple 2.png

a tropical pineapple cake combined with rich organic rosemary, dipped in a white chocolate pineapple glaze

strawberry basil.png

a fresh, strawberry compote cake with fresh basil, dipped in a strawberry candy melt glaze

salted caramel apple.png

a white cake blended with a homemade apple compote and a touch of cinnamon, dipped in a salted caramel glaze

pbc circle.png

a rich chocolate cake filled with a creamy peanut butter core, dipped in a milk chocolate glaze

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