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frequently asked questions

how big are the bonbons?

all of our bonbons are around the size of a golf ball.

what can i do if i have allergies?

check out the ingredients of each product in the "bonbons" tab. when you click an item, you will find all of the ingredients used to make each bonbon. if you are allergic to any of the ingredients, you can contact us (email, contact form, live chat) and we will see if we can accommodate your needs!

can i order bonbons if i don't live in maryland?

yes! we ship our specialty bonbons to every state in the U.S.

can i order for events?

yes you can! currently on the website, we offer five options for the quantity of each product during checkout: a box of 6, a box of 12, 2 dozen, 5 dozen, and 10 dozen. if you would like to place an order larger than the quantities listed, please contact us by email at keep in mind, all orders over $75 have free shipping!

are bonbons like munchkins?

not at all! munchkins are made from donut batter, which is different from cake batter. they are fried in oil, and expand to become small, round donut holes. our cake bonbons are never fried. to make our bonbons, cake is combined with buttercream to form round cake balls; then they are covered with a candy melt coating. they are like cake pops, but without the stick!

what is the shelf life of a bonbon?

our cake bonbons can last up to three weeks with refrigeration and two weeks without refrigeration. if you are storing them in the fridge, we suggest thawing them to room temperature before indulging for the optimal texture. however, if you can't wait, go ahead! there is nothing wrong with enjoying them straight out the fridge!

can i request different decorations on the bonbons?

of course! if you would like different decorations on your bonbons than the ones shown, just fill out the box titled "would you like alternate decorations" when you place your order. specify any desired colors, designs, garnishes, etc. when we receive your order, we will be in touch with you and confirm whether we are able to configure the decorations requested. please respond to this email or we will not begin preparing your order. if the box is left blank, we reserve the right to exercise artistic freedom (the design will most likely be the same as the one pictured).

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