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Baking Layout


my journey in the culinary world started when i was just a young toddler. back then, my wacky creations could only really be stomached by my older brother, because my parents didn't quite fancy the idea of chocolate with rice. i can assure you however, my culinary skills are much more fine-tuned now. let's take a look at my growth over the years...

too young to hold a knife?

my mom had me in the kitchen from a very young age. given, she may have just wanted to use me as an extra set of hands, but i enjoyed it nevertheless, and i certainly picked up some skills along the way. i was never scared of knives or the hot stove; i conquered all my culinary endeavors head on. recently, i was told i was too young to hold a knife. i mean...seriously? i've been chopping vegetables since i was a child and i can practically dice onions like a pro chef. c'mon 😒

culinary range

i've been known amongst my friends and family for my baked goods. i love making unique cakes and breads, but i also love cooking just as much! in my home, i make all of our pasta, pizza, and exotic dishes. below you'll find a gallery of some of my finest work :)

what the future holds

practicing the culinary arts is perhaps one of my greatest passions. it provides me with a wonderful outlet to express my artistic freedom and i get to share my work with all of the people around me. people tell me to pursue a career as a chef all the time, yet my true career goal is to become a doctor. since i was young, i have always been intrinsically motivated to help those around me. this business certainly provides me with that artistic outlet that i need, and i plan on continuing this project through college and beyond. but as a senior in high school, i hope it will also aid me financially in my long term goal of becoming a doctor.

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